Laura Sophia Becker

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September 3rd 2020
Save the date cause ZORA opens.
Come join us in Bern before our national tour
All dates to be announced
March 2020
R&D of ‘ZORA’ with the wonderful ‘Verein für verlorene Gegenstände’
directed by Raphael Vuilleumier and myself :-)
January 2020
opening night in Zurich!
with Rasmus Max Wirth and me, directed by Lisa Violetta Gaß
December 2019
opens in Zurich and tours through Switzerland
a dark English comedy about planets, death and the meaning of everything
November 2019
Shooting the fifth part of this ARD series in the tiny but sexy town of St.Andreasberg
directed by Anno Saul
August 2019
Starting rehearsals for THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG
Juli 2019
Shooting ICARUS, a new coming of age feature film by Caroline Wloka
Hosting workshops at BLAUE BLUME festival together with my partners in crime from Blauhauch Marion Bott and Nicole Marishka
My version of Gottfried Kellers magical tale is presented at Landesmuseum Zürich
June 2019
Visiting Lisbon and the portuguese film festival FEST iin the beautiful beach town of Espino
May 2019
Writing and recording SELDWYLA for the new audio app by Digitalbühne Zürich
Winter 2018 Filming the American feature CIVIL TWILIGHT in the eternal snow of Svalbard, Norway with Michael Weaver and Tim Griffin
R&D of WHAT SILENCE HAS TO SAY at Schloss Bröllin with the Blauhauch tribe
September 2018
presented by Digitalbühne and Theater Chur
August 2018
Developing our virtual reality version of Brechts GALILEO GALILEI together with Corinne Soland
June 2018
Back at Studio Theater Stuttgart
About Me

Laura Sophia Becker grew up in Switzerland, Mexico and Germany, and studied acting at the University of Arts London. Whilst studying she played in 'Liberation' and Dostoevsky's 'Demons' in London and worked with Sasha Waltz and Marina Abramovic, among others.

Engagements led her to the Edinburgh Festival, Berlin, Dresden, Munich and Stuttgart. She is a member of the Digitalbühne Zürich and performed in Switzerland at the Bernhard Theater, Theater Chur and the Gessnerallee Zurich. Film work include the features 'Buschow'(D), ICarus (CH) and Civil Twilight (US/NO), most recently she could be seen in the ARD series 'Harter Brocken'.

In 2020 she has her directorial debut for the play 'Zora', an adaptation of Kurt Helds novel 'Die rote Zora und ihre Bande'.

Together with Marion Bott she founded the international all-female Theatercompany Blauhauch in Berlin and now works as a producer and author. Blauhauchs works closely with dreams and the stream of consciousness method and has made it its task to create a new form of collective work, to question and dissolve power constructs

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